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No, not bleeding Transformers!
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It's not much, but I'm trying to get better.


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Mar 2, 2015
3:50 pm
Mar 2, 2015
5:40 am
Mar 1, 2015
11:25 pm
Mar 1, 2015
7:10 pm
Mar 1, 2015
1:01 am

A vent.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 7:22 AM

The amazing thing about my journey in art is that there's always some internal struggle for me. When there's not one set of thoughts or path of reasoning, there's another. In some cases, things evolve in such a way that hold me back or just hurt me. Even though both seem synonymous, they're not. At least not for me. Just bullshit, the unflappable resistance that comes to make me doubt and stop me. When I think about it, it's amazing to trace my issues and realize what they are now compared to what they were.

At first it was just me thinking poorly of my work, but I have slammed into my head that I'm indeed not a terrible artist (even though calling myself that still doesn't feel right). Then something came and replaced that it became thoughts of being uninteresting, boring. Hell, sometimes I still think that about my work. I can be extremely cynical and I think about how anybody watching me would be doing so just to get the particular thing I've done before back in their inbox. Honestly, I don't condemn anybody for that, but then it made me think that I'm only good for a few things and just bland everywhere else. When that stopped being dominant, it was clarity. Something different every time.

These days, I've thought about where I am now and I think that I won't be going much farther from here. I'm not capable. What I've got here I'll just have to settle for and I won't reach the heights that the artists admire have. They have it in them and I don't. Because I see what they do as magic. Although, I have seen the really early works of now great artists an realized that YES EVERYBODY STARTS SOMEWHERE AND IT TAKES TIME AND WORK AND (fuck this word for the most part) PRACTICE. It's the next set of battles to fight to shove this out of its place.

Part of this struggle with mindset probably comes with little things too, y'know? Between things like comparing myself, my work to others and just not seeing where I stand and myself not considering myself an artist. Because, for those that don't know me, I don't. I don't consider myself one and I have not. Maybe if I did, it would help me out in the long run, but I feel I don't meet the criteria somehow. I have my standards for what it means to be an artist and even being "good" at drawing or painting doesn't really solely make an artist.

Conflict is heavy in me, trying to find the right and wrong. The best of the worst and so-on. It's not really beneficial and that's why I've learned to also embrace some of the chaos in my head and even learned to make order from some of it where I can. But, for whatever I can't simply identify or defeat there's one thing I keep in mind and act on. I want it. I want to do this. I know what I want to do. It's the key element to keep me going beyond the lack of confidence and self depreciation. It gets bad, but I want it. I like to say with anything else when I get sparked that when I want something, I'll get it. Art, somehow, has become excluded from this mindset and why that is I'm unsure of.

Which comes to the bright side. The enemy of my self evolves because I do. If it doesn't then it can't survive a stronger me. When I look at it that way, it just means there's a fight because I can win. Without thinking of conflict, it can also be said that new success means new problems to solve and greater challenges. Maybe I would feel like I could be like the better artists if I could learn from them, but that's another story. Tutorials online? Books? There's an abundance, but I'm not one for studying. I very rarely do that... Yea, call that artificial difficulty. Yet, I enjoy it.

Probably wouldn't feel as worth it if I feel I didn't wrest it from something. Just know that I want to do it. I want what I want, so I'll do it. Somehow I'll do it... I want my fucking tablet back.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

*Commission Guidelines and Prices*

Fur Affinity account:…
Transfur Gallery:

Alright people. I love art and I love making art of all kinds. I want to give you my service and style and apply it to your ideas. I want to have fun, I want to be challenged and I want the privilege to play with YOUR IDEAS. You not only will get to see ideas realized, but you'll also be helping an art lover further develop his skills. Your business would make me more than just money, it would help make me a better artist as well. I will draw for you ALMOST anything and do my damnedest to get it done.

Now, I am also looking at a special crowd as well and that's the transformation (TF) community. I wanna let you guys know that I have a great passion for transformations. Though I haven't been doing it for as long as some others, I love creating the stuff.

Ok, so I don't have to haggle every single time (hurr, hurr) and so you have a better idea of who you're dealing with, here're my standard prices.

Guidelines *PLEASE READ*

- If you post my work anywhere else credit me. By link to my page(s), online handle or anything else. Do not alter my work in any way without permission.
- Be as clear as you can with what you want for full satisfaction. Don't be afraid to tell me particulars and please provide references for best results.
- I will need reliable contact information (can be kept anonymous on my slots if desired as well) to request payment and also to get more information about the desired commission(s).

Oh, and you don't see options here like "bust shots" or "portraits", I know. but you can always contact me to discuss that. I promise I'll make it easy and fair.

What I will draw:
To be totally honest, I'll draw almost anything, so I'm extremely flexible.

What I won't draw (don't worry it's a rather short list):
- Rape
- Underage
- Biological waste (whatever should end up in a toilet)
- Guro (pretty much sexual content revolving gore or extreme violence)
- Vore (I'd just rather not)


***Check in every now and again for commission updates!***

1. *Sketches*

$15 for 1 full body character.
- + $12 for each additional character

2. *Clean lines*

$20 for 1 full body character.
- $15 for each additional character

3. *Greyscale/Shading*

$25 for 1 full body character
- 20 for each additional character

4. *Add-ons*
(Background complexity can be negotiated)

+ Simple background
- Sketch $10
- Clean lines $20
- Greyscale $25
- Color $30

+ Complex background
- Sketch $11
- Clean lines $18
- Greyscale $20
- Color $30

5. Transformation/Story

One shot and full page sequences:
(See 1 - 3. Each additional page will be charged accordingly as an additional character.)

Comic/Panel Style Sequence:

A. Sketchy $20
- $17 for each additional page

B. Clean Lines $30
- $27 for each additional page

C. Grey Scale/Shading $35
- $30 for each additional page.

D. Color $50
- $45 for each additional page.

What kind of things/genre/subjects would y'all like to see me draw? 

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