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No, not bleeding Transformers!
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It's not much, but I'm trying to get better.


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Mar 26, 2015
7:02 pm
Mar 26, 2015
5:22 pm
Mar 26, 2015
1:47 pm
Mar 26, 2015
11:41 am
Mar 26, 2015
8:16 am

Someone likes to tag me.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 6:26 PM

Tagged by :iconferadami:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made up, then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tagged to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal. 
4. Go to their pages and inform they've been tagged. 
5. Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this'. 
6. You have to legitimately tag people.
7. You cant say no tags.
8. Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry

Apparently those are the "rules" I'll see by the end of this if they're something I wanna follow.

FerAdami's questions to me:

1) What is your biggest fault?
My insecurities. They are far more powerful than I wish I would let them be.

2) How can you improve this "fault"?
By thinking less and acting more. It's been working for the past few years and has really opened up my life and art.

3) How can you deal with serious problems?
By knowing that sometimes you cannot eliminate a problem, but instead improve something else in spite of it. Other times, problems are something that can be dealt with or even sometimes just waited out. Also best to not over-think anything. Too much of anything is bad for you.

4) If you could go back in time, do you think you can repair some mistakes in your life?
I think so. I have distinct regrets based on simple choices that I've made. Life wouldn't be perfect, but I'm sure it would be noticeably improved.

5) How often you say "I love you"/hug to your parents or beloved ones?
Often. I mean, why not?

6) Do you enjoy the simple things in life?
Ohhh, yes. I very much do. Every single day. If I take pleasure in it, I value it.

7) Are you a big consumer? Why?
I am not really much of a big consumer. Although in some ways I have expensive tastes, I believe in a good value and not making myself poor by making foolish and hasty purchases. One can't always make the greatest choices with money, but one shouldn't be afraid to spend or give it, either.

8) Do you think one day you will reach your artists idols level?
I don't think I will, but then again I know I am far better now than I ever thought I would be two years ago. So, I'll try even though I don't believe it too much.... although maybe I should. I really should. Because those I admire I do not want to copy, I just want to feel like I can do what they can.

9) Do you like Art History?
Indeed, I do. Art practically is history and speaks volumes about all of us.

10) In a scale to 1 to 10, how annoying was this tag for you?
0. It was nice to do. Thanks for asking.

My questions to the targeted:

1. Do you feel you have improved in your art over the last year?
2. Day or night? When do you most enjoy being awake?
3. Have you ever seen an artist that you've really wanted to just talk to or get to know? (Famous or just on the internet in general, etc.)
4. Fried or grilled?
5. Would you rather stand or walk for hours?
6. Has your sexuality ever influenced your art?
7. What made you want to share your art online?
8. Handgun or Knife?
9. If you were evil, or at least ruthless and vicious, what would your theme song be?
10. You get your chance to put me on the spot. What's your question for me?

The tagged:

  • Watching: Dino Crisis 1
  • Drinking: Water


ErnCer's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

*Commission Guidelines and Prices*

Fur Affinity account:…
Transfur Gallery:

Alright people. I love art and I love making art of all kinds. I want to give you my service and style and apply it to your ideas. I want to have fun, I want to be challenged and I want the privilege to play with YOUR IDEAS. You not only will get to see ideas realized, but you'll also be helping an art lover further develop his skills. Your business would make me more than just money, it would help make me a better artist as well. I will draw for you ALMOST anything and do my damnedest to get it done.

Now, I am also looking at a special crowd as well and that's the transformation (TF) community. I wanna let you guys know that I have a great passion for transformations. Though I haven't been doing it for as long as some others, I love creating the stuff.

Ok, so I don't have to haggle every single time (hurr, hurr) and so you have a better idea of who you're dealing with, here're my standard prices.

Guidelines *PLEASE READ*

- If you post my work anywhere else credit me. By link to my page(s), online handle or anything else. Do not alter my work in any way without permission.
- Be as clear as you can with what you want for full satisfaction. Don't be afraid to tell me particulars and please provide references for best results.
- I will need reliable contact information (can be kept anonymous on my slots if desired as well) to request payment and also to get more information about the desired commission(s).

Oh, and you don't see options here like "bust shots" or "portraits", I know. but you can always contact me to discuss that. I promise I'll make it easy and fair.

What I will draw:
To be totally honest, I'll draw almost anything, so I'm extremely flexible.

What I won't draw (don't worry it's a rather short list):
- Rape
- Underage
- Biological waste (whatever should end up in a toilet)
- Guro (pretty much sexual content revolving gore or extreme violence)
- Vore (I'd just rather not)


***Check in every now and again for commission updates!***

1. *Sketches*

$15 for 1 full body character.
- + $12 for each additional character

2. *Clean lines*

$20 for 1 full body character.
- $15 for each additional character

3. *Greyscale/Shading*

$25 for 1 full body character
- 20 for each additional character

4. *Add-ons*
(Background complexity can be negotiated)

+ Simple background
- Sketch $10
- Clean lines $20
- Greyscale $25
- Color $30

+ Complex background
- Sketch $11
- Clean lines $18
- Greyscale $20
- Color $30

5. Transformation/Story

One shot and full page sequences:
(See 1 - 3. Each additional page will be charged accordingly as an additional character.)

Comic/Panel Style Sequence:

A. Sketchy $20
- $17 for each additional page

B. Clean Lines $30
- $27 for each additional page

C. Grey Scale/Shading $35
- $30 for each additional page.

D. Color $50
- $45 for each additional page.

What kind of things/genre/subjects would y'all like to see me draw? 

7 deviants said (Leave a comment telling me.)
5 deviants said Nothing in particular.


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