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No, not bleeding Transformers!
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It's not much, but I'm trying to get better.


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Apr 24, 2014
12:54 pm
Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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Apr 24, 2014
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Tagged by the very skilled :iconferadami:

Tags originated from :iconmaryenne042:

1st: In-Trouble-at-School
Kissed someone before dating 
Gotten a phone taken away at school
Gotten caught chewing gum 
Gotten caught cheating on a test 
Total so far: 1

*Got my gameboy taken away from me, that sorta counts.

Arrived late to class more than 5 times
Didn't do homework over 5 times
Turned at least 2 projects in late
Missed school cause you felt like it 
Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class
Total so far: 5

Oh yea, most of that was definitely me. God, I hated school.

Got your mum, dad, etc to get you out of school XD
Text people during class
Passed notes
Threw stuff across the room 
Laughed at the teacher
Total so far: 5

*This kind of stuff I didn't have much of a taste for. Especially direct teacher interaction. 

Took pictures during school hours
Called someone during school hours 
Listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours
Total so far: 6

*Sometimes I needed some music.

Threw something at the teacher 
Went outside the classroom without permission
Broke the dress code
Failed a class 
Ate food during class
Total so far: 6

*Never dealt with a dress code, thank GOD.

Gotten a call from school 
Been called the worst student 
Punished on a school trip because you behaved badly 
Didn't take your stuff to school
Given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking 
Total so far: 8

*I've done enough to a few people. :p

Faked your parents signature
Slept in class 
Cursed at a teacher behind their back 
Copied homework
Got in trouble with the principal/vice principal 
Thrown food in the lunch room 
Total so far: 13

*This'd probably be the meat of my delinquency.

2nd: Character Interview

The ONLY Rule: The owner MUST answer these questions in character.

1.) What is your name?
... My name is Krux.

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
It is just my name as I've always known it. I cannot say why it is. (His name has a rather esoteric origin that would make the full answer to this rather obnoxious.)

3.) Are you single or taken?
You mean by a lover? No, I believe that would not be a very sound idea.

4.) Have any abilities or powers?
I don't fully understand them myself yet, but I will try to explain. I can manipulate and focus light. They can even act as corporeal objects, like weapons or shields to some degrees. With it, I can still fly and project wings which are mine but... I keep hidden often. It has many applications. It seems like the greater my will, the greater my power which could mean that there could be more for me to be capable of. I am far stronger than any human and almost all angels... except for a few. I possess great guile as well. I was made to fight, after all.

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!
Mary... -Sue? Please explain.

6.) What's your eye color?
Why did you not clarify the previous question? I-... they are red. I cannot hide that about myself.

7.) How about hair color?
A rather humble brown.

8.) Have you any family members?
In a way I do. But now it is a thing of the past.

9.) Oh? How about pets?
Such an idea I would not consider.

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Lies. Treachery. Cruelty. The pain I have seen.

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I do enjoy flying as angels often do. I enjoy seeing this lovely world and how different it is from my home. A beauty unique to a plane like this, which often goes under-appreciated. One day maybe I can do this unfettered once more.

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
So many. I really... did not mean to. I felt there was no better choice. But sometimes I know some things could only be resolved with force.

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?

14.) What kind of animal are you?
I may not know what I am, but I do not think I could be anything else. Although some have referred to Lucifer as a dragon.

15.) Name your worst habits?
Isolating myself. Being around others makes me uneasy. 

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
Avye. I miss her sometimes.

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
Angels love. What does it matter?

18.) Do you go to school?
Existence itself can be proper education as long as you open your mind.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
You know, very rarely do I ever want to laugh, but this time...

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Fanatics for me, what an odd circumstance that would be.

21.) What are you most afraid of?
Myself. My brethren. I thought I knew so much.

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?
This remnant of a garb that came to be when I was changed. It has special properties that seem to survive so much punishment. It shows signs of my "former life".

23.) What's one food that tempts you?
Food is something very interesting. It is something I seldom indulge in at all. 

24.) Am I annoying you?
I am a caught a little off guard by this situation. That much I can say.

25.) Well, it's still not over!

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
A fugitive and exile. I used to be a warrior of lower tiered angels.

27.) How many friends do you have?
Having any would surprise me.

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?
Humans seem to enjoy it greatly.

29.) Favorite drink?
Cold water. I don't know why exactly.

30.) What's your favorite place?

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?
This question feels redundant. 

But you were saying-

33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Uh, any body of clean water, I suppose.

34.) What's your type?
Type of...

35.) Camping or indoors?
These days, I would rather be inside.

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Soon, please. I don't know what this kind of trifling could invoke.

39.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!
If that is what it takes for you to leave, then alright.

Thus it is decreed...
:icongemini-heart: :iconclmac: :iconkudzuthegreen: :iconarcticfrigidfrostfox: :iconshahrezad: :iconmorph0s: :iconsktaf: :iconludomercier: :iconmindless-imagery:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

*Commission Guidelines and Prices*

Fur Affinity account:…
Transfur Gallery:

Alright people. I love art and I love making art of all kinds. I want to give you my service and style and apply it to your ideas. I want to have fun, I want to be challenged and I want the privilege to play with YOUR IDEAS. You not only will get to see ideas realized, but you'll also be helping an art lover further develop his skills. Your business would make me more than just money, it would help make me a better artist as well. I will draw for you ALMOST anything and do my damnedest to get it done.

Now, I am also looking at a special crowd as well and that's the transformation (TF) community. I wanna let you guys know that I have a great passion for transformations. Though I haven't been doing it for as long as some others, I love creating the stuff.

Ok, so I don't have to haggle every single time (hurr, hurr) and so you have a better idea of who you're dealing with, here're my standard prices.

Guidelines *PLEASE READ*

- If you post my work anywhere else credit me. By link to my page(s), online handle or anything else. Do not alter my work in any way without permission.
- Be as clear as you can with what you want for full satisfaction. Don't be afraid to tell me particulars and please provide references for best results.
- I will need reliable contact information (can be kept anonymous on my slots if desired as well) to request payment and also to get more information about the desired commission(s).

Oh, and you don't see options here like "bust shots" or "portraits", I know. but you can always contact me to discuss that. I promise I'll make it easy and fair.

What I will draw:
To be totally honest, I'll draw almost anything, so I'm extremely flexible.

What I won't draw (don't worry it's a rather short list):
- Rape
- Underage
- Biological waste (whatever should end up in a toilet)
- Guro (pretty much sexual content revolving gore or extreme violence)
- Vore (I'd just rather not)


1. :iconsigmarr: 3 page TF comic

***Check in every now and again for commission updates!***

1. *Sketches*

$15 for 1 full body character.
- + $12 for each additional character

2. *Clean lines*

$20 for 1 full body character.
- $15 for each additional character

3. *Greyscale/Shading*

$25 for 1 full body character
- 20 for each additional character

4. *Add-ons*
(Background complexity can be negotiated)

+ Simple background
- Sketch $10
- Clean lines $20
- Greyscale $25
- Color $30

+ Complex background
- Sketch $11
- Clean lines $18
- Greyscale $20
- Color $30

5. Transformation/Story

One shot and full page sequences:
(See 1 - 3. Each additional page will be charged accordingly as an additional character.)

Comic/Panel Style Sequence:

A. Sketchy $20
- $17 for each additional page

B. Clean Lines $30
- $27 for each additional page

C. Grey Scale/Shading $35
- $30 for each additional page.

D. Color $50
- $45 for each additional page.

What kind of things/genre/subjects would y'all like to see me draw? 

5 deviants said (Leave a comment telling me.)
4 deviants said Nothing in particular.


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Akuma-Shinobi Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool artwork! :happybounce:
ErnCer Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much! ^-^ Your work is very good as well, you do lovely portraits.
Kiki-Starwind Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the fave! :hug:
ErnCer Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't mention it.
Metamorpher Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I keep on thinking that I"m watching you. But then I realized that I'm not. Sorry for another stalker
ErnCer Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's not like not watching me would've been bad. Don't worry about leaving messages it's cool.
AdamFalcon Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hey thanks for the support!
ErnCer Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem. Keep up the work, I'd really like to see what you come up with.
Y u so nice to Satan

ErnCer Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because he's a man of wealth and taste for which I have courtesy and sympathy for.
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